5 Tricks That Can Change Your Game in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the favorite shooter games among gameaholics. The game has been able to retain its popularity since it was released, but it takes a lot of practice to hone your expertise. 

The tough mechanics and technicalities seem a bit confusing at first, but you can win the game with the right approach. We have prepared this guide with top tricks that can change your game. You can combine these tips with the best Rainbow Six Siege Hacks to ace the battleground. 

Now let’s dive in and get started- 

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Know the Map Well 

There are twenty maps in Rainbow Six Siege, each with its intricacies. Therefore, you must spend some time learning these maps. We would suggest before that enter the actual battle, you should understand the maps in the practice mood. 

You need to take note of the entry points, doors from where you can break easily, and similar spots. Make sure to check out the vents and lines of sight to use your drones. 

Drones Are Crucial In The Game

Not every player gives importance to drones. But these play an important role in the game. You can use drones to attack your foes in the game. Sneak your drone into the opponent’s building and keep it hidden. 

When required, you can use your drone to keep track of the enemies and let your teammates know about them. 

Use the Right Scope on the Right Occasion 

In Rainbow Six Siege choosing the right scope is very important. You must know when to pick the proper scope. You will have to use different scopes while defending and attacking. 

The game narrows down the weapons you can use in different situations. For example, ACOG is a powerful weapon, but not everyone can use it all the time. It’s also a bit complicated to use because you have to hold it at a certain angle and wait for the enemy to make a move. 

Stay Calm and Listen to Enemy Voices 

Keeping your ears always open is a huge benefiting factor in the game. So try to keep track of all enemy movement and prepare your moves accordingly. Besides, you need to be careful about your own activities too. Make sure you stay as quiet as possible not to alert your enemies. 

Use the Right Equipment 

Using the proper physical and virtual equipment is necessary to upscale your game in Rainbow Six Siege. You have to be an expert in using the equipment in the game if you want to survive. 

You will have to be quick with your moves, and a good mouse plays an important role here. Hence, get a mouse that fits right on your hands and has a sound sensor. 

Apart from this physical equipment, you have to focus on your virtual equipment as well. Use the riot shield, quadcopter drone, kaid electrified shields, barbed wire, hatches, etc. These types of equipment are essential in the game to get an edge over your enemies. 

Pro tip 

Keep the Communication Going 

Communicating with your team is paramount in Siege. Keeping your teammates updated about your every move is necessary to win the game. Moreover, your team should decide on strategies before entering the game and follow everything accordingly. 

You should use voice chat, ping system, and every typing as and when possible. If you see any enemy approaching near you, alert your squad at the earliest. With healthy communication going, you can definitely wipe out your enemies. 

Wrapping Up 

These are our top 5 tricks you must follow to change your game in Rainbow Six Siege. Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and you could learn something new. Let us know if you’ve any other queries about Siege, and stay tuned for the next post. 

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