Elden Ring: How to Find Best Early Game Weapons

Elden Ring game’s best early game weapons will give you the upper hand as you go on a dangerous path in the Lands Between.

The new action RGP from FromSoftware invites players to a new journey in a shattering land. In this decaying world, players take the role of a Tarnished; an exiled warrior wishing to become the Elden Lord. Though, the quest is incredibly dangerous, especially if it is your first time in a game like this. That’s why you need the best early game weapons to ease the process as much as possible.

Here are some of the best weapons you can find around Limgrave.

Best Early Game Weapons in Elden Ring

The epic fantasy game leaves you all alone in a massive land waiting to be discovered. There are a great number of places filled with enemies that also hold solid gear. You will realize that the more you discover, the more game rewards you with various equipment. But before jumping right into the scavenge hunt, you need your trusty steed, Torrent. Here’s how to get him.

Let’s dive into the world of armaments in Elden Ring. If you are able to traverse the Lands Between with your spectral horse, these are the best weapons to get first.


If great axes and warhammers are not for you, head to the northeastern region of Agheel Lake for Reduvia. After roaming around the parts, an invader name Bloody Finger Nerijus will arrive in the canyon to kill you. Taking him down yields this amazing dagger that comes with a unique skill. Do note that the Flying Dragon Agheel guards the lake, though. So try finding the canyon below to confront your adversary.


  • Ranged attack with Reduvia Blood Blade skill.
  • Great for stealth players.
  • Quick damage with bleed effect.
  • Scales with Arcane and requires low STR.



This one is for those who enjoy creating brute builds for their characters. With a 30 STR requirements, Greataxe is one of the most powerful weapons that you can get in the early stages. It is in a chest on a carriage being towed by two trolls. Here’s their location if you want to get your hands on this hefty instrument of destruction.


  • Offers a solid amount of damage.
  • Perfect for STR builds.
  • Comes with Barbaric Roar skill that counts your attacks as combos.



An amazing choice for wardancers, Twinblade offers quick attacks for builds favoring dexterity. It is especially effective when you are facing a crowd of enemies. This slice-n-dice blade also comes with a spinning slash that will tear enemies apart. It is located in Dragon-Burnt Ruins, south of the lake.


  • Fast attacks with a decent range.
  • Better for fighting crowds.
  • Does not require high stats.
  • Perfect for DEX builds.


Great Epee

Great Epee is one of the best weapons to get first in Elden Ring. This slick armament offers solid damage and comes with the Impaling Thrust skill. This large rapier will prove a lot useful especially for those favoring DEX and STR builds. It is also possible to equip the sword with a shield. And thanks to its great range, Great Epee deserves a place among the best Heavy Thrusting Sword. It can be infused with an Ash of War as well.


  • Great weapon range.
  • Can be used with a shield.
  • Perfect for strength and dexterity builds.
  • Deals solid 124 physical damage.


We hope our Elden Ring best early game weapons guide helps you in your hunt for better equipment. There is a lot to take in the game like the scaling system, Affinities, Ashes of War, and more. Don’t worry though, as getting overwhelmed is normal in FromSoftware games. With the weapons above and your loyal companion Torrent, you will best the foes lurking around Limgrave.

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