Former The Sims studio head is working on a competing life-sim, Life By You

During yesterday’s Paradox Announcement Showcase, we were witness to a teaser trailer for an eerily familiar game called Life By You. Why is it familiar? Well, it looks an awful lot like Paradox’s take on The Sims.

The brief trailer for Life by You… What do you think?

It also comes as no surprise either, considering Life By You is being developed by Paradox Tectonic, with development led by former The Sims studio head and former Second Life CEO, Rod Humble.

The very brief trailer shown for Life By You shows your typical suburban neighbourhood, where players will seemingly get to construct houses of their own. We also get a glimpse inside these homes, where you see characters going about their day-to-day lives. And in all honesty, things look quite rough around the edges. Check it out for yourself in the video embedded above.

Ultimately, there’s no denying that Life By You looks a lot like The Sims, and is made up of the same key mechanics so far. There’s not much else to go off, nor do we see any new gimmicks that might set the title apart from other life-simulation games.

With that in mind, it’s not quite clear how Life By You plans on competing with the monolith that is The Sims, but we can sure as hell bet (or at least hope) that they’ve something up their sleeves to set it apart from its competitors. Maybe character relationships will be more in depth, or building possibilities actually endless? Who knows? Maybe it’ll just be a dud.

If you’re just as curious as I am about where Life By You is headed, Paradox has announced that a gameplay reveal will happen on March 20 at 9AM PT / 5PM GMT on the Life By You YouTube channel!

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