How To Earn 2500 Bonus Microsoft Points In March 2022

Xbox users are getting used earn Microsoft points with their Xbox game pass subscription. This earning method most common Microsoft point-earning method is using an Xbox Game Pass subscription. While Xbox owners play games, they will earn free Microsoft points. People can use Microsoft points to obtain gift cards, make donations, and much more. However, there are various ways to earn Microsoft points with your Xbox. People can earn Microsoft points with the different methods. In this guide, we will list those methods to show you how to earn free 2500 bonus Microsoft rewards points.

What are the Microsoft Points?

Microsoft Points is part of the Microsoft Rewards loyalty program. When you complete the task given by Microsoft, Microsoft will give virtual currency for your efforts. Unfortunately, you cannot turn those points into real money. However, you can spend them on Microsoft Store to buy a gift card, new games, and make donations. Recently two kids bought themselves an Xbox Series X with their rewards points. To do that, they have collected points since Microsoft started Microsoft’s reward loyalty program.  They turned their collectings into amazon gift cards.

microsoft rewards points
Gift Cards

How to earn Microsoft rewards points in 2022

Currently, Microsoft has launched a Microsoft March 2022’s “Monthly Bonus Round.” If Xbox owners complete March Quest, they will earn 2000-2500 points (around £2/$2).

To earn free Microsft points, Microsft owners should complete the steps listed below.

  • Xbox Owners need to make Bing search on five separate days.
  • Complete three “daily sets” (accessible via Microsoft Bing)
  • Xbox Owners need to accomplish three achievements in Xbox One/Xbox series S/ Xbox Series X.
  • Xbox owners need complete Women’s History Month punch card
  • Complete a quiz for up to 50 extra points.

To start to do those achievements, you need to open the Microsoft reward app on your console.

microsoft rewards points

While people trying to make Women’s History Month punch cards, people encounter issues. Even if they accomplished the quest, Xbox owners cannot get any Microsoft reward points. Luckily, Microsoft has solved this issue. Xbox owners can earn Microsoft rewards points with the Women’s History Month punch card. In addition, you can reach the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard can be reachable on Bing. People can complete another quick and separate Women’s History Month punch card.

Generally, Microsoft does not make additions to the monthly quest. However, they added two new punch cards on Xbox. If Xbox owners complete an achievement in Elder Ring and GRID Legends, they will get 125 Microsoft Rewards points for each. To earn free Microsoft rewards points, you can complete use EA Play trial with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

If you are new to the Microsoft loyalty program, Completing those quests might seem hard to you. Do not worry, you can find Youtube videos that explain how to finish those quests without ease. If you cannot find it, you can write us in the comment section. We will explain them step by step.

What do you think about this monthly quest? Did you start to do them? You can share your thought with us in the comment section.

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