How to Summon and Ride A Horse in Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox?

The Elder Scrolls Online map is expanding with each new patch. It is important for players to get where they want to go quickly and safely. Horses are your greatest helpers in all kinds of quests and battles. Summoning and riding horses is a fairly easy process, and you can get horses from any stable that comes your way. We’ve prepared a guide for you on how to summon and ride horses in The Elder Scrolls Online.

How to Summon a Horse in Elder Scrolls Online on an Xbox

You should have a horse bound firstly. All you have to do is hold down the “View” button (the button with two screens logo, aka the “Select/Share” button) to purchase and summon a horse. It has a somewhat limited set of moves.

How to Use a Horse in Elder Scrolls Online on an Xbox

The only difference being on a horse is that the speed and carrying capacity are greatly increased. On the other hand, your mobility will be significantly reduced. The range of movements you can do on a horse is limited.

When you want to dismount, press the “View” button again. If you are playing with your hand close to the blocking keybind, you can block if you want to get off the horse faster.

Try when dismounting: start running, jump up, then crouch and stop before hitting the ground. It will increase your momentum until you return to your normal pace.

How to Equip a Horse to Character in Elder Scrolls Online on an Xbox?

After you buy a horse, you need to equip it for your character. After pressing the Menu key, select the Collections tab. Finally, select the “Mounts” tab. and choose a horse. You can use unlocked horses from all your accounts. If you haven’t bought a horse yet, you will see them all locked. Just go to a random stable and talk to the stable master to buy a horn.

How to Upgrade Horses in Elder Scrolls Online on an Xbox?

If you are riding a horse for the first time, its speed is only slightly faster than your walking speed. After spending some time and money, your horse’s speed, stamina, and carry capacity stats will increase.

Speed stat will be your first need. When you bring the speed to its maximum level, your horse will accelerate by 60%. Upgrades are made to the horse master and require 20 hours of waiting.

Carry Capacity increases the number of extra item slots you receive when riding a horse, up to 60 at max rank. If you move around a lot and don’t want to be blocked, this is a worthwhile upgrade.

Finally, Stamina is a fairly self-explanatory term. If you take damage to a tired horse, you will immediately dismount. This feature is only available during fights. Because you can’t fight on a horse anyway, you can level this all the way to the end.

Is There a Difference Between Horses?

In previous versions, different horses were offered to provide different bonuses. As of update 6, all mounts have the same stats across the board. Whatever horse you ride, your speed is only about how much you improve your riding skills.

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