Minecraft’s new DLC brings Dungeons & Dragons to the block world

A special new batch of Minecraft DLC will arrive at the perfect time for those suddenly eager for more experiences like Baldur’s Gate 3. In partnership with Everbloom Games and Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast, Minecraft’s Dungeons & Dragons DLC is a story-driven action-adventure that merges the world of D&D with the iconic blocks of Minecraft. Not only does the DLC include locations and monsters from the game’s primary 5th edition setting, the Forgotten Realms, but it also introduces a whole range of role-playing mechanics – a class system, stats, and dice-based combat – in order to truly capture the D&D feeling for Minecraft.

“You have some pillars of D&D, which are combat, exploration, and roleplay,” explained Mojang senior producer Riccardo Lenzi in an interview with Polygon. “So it was about trying to hit all these pillars in a way that is satisfactory, that feels like D&D.”

A goblin in Minecraft, with a few dialogue options

Image: Mojang/Everbloom Games

The new module includes an all-new interface with a quest log alongside a specialized inventory and glossary screens. Additionally, the DLC boasts an impressive amount of voiceover, more than any other licensed pack, and also integrates a more complex soundtrack than typical Minecraft, with music that triggers based on location and combat. It all goes to further the DLC’s story, which follows the player’s character on an unlikely adventure.

“Their mind gets merged with that of a golden dragon. So they’re sharing the [same] body,” said Lenzi. “That creates a lot of banter. Conflict. The dragon wouldn’t want to be in a human body. The beginning is like a buddy comedy movie. You go through adversity, you become friends, you create some bonds.”

A Minecraft figure discovering a treasure chest

Image: Mojang/Everbloom Games

While the DLC includes a lot of D&D-specific elements — spells like Magic Missile, monsters like Beholders, and locations like Candlekeep — Lenzi clarified that it’s not a straight-up D&D simulator. The framework is still very much Minecraft, even if it’s more action-RPG focused than the vanilla experience. He added that those looking for a direct D&D simulator should play Baldur’s Gate 3 instead.

Still, the D&D/Minecraft fusion makes sense, and it’s one that Lenzi says he’s been waiting to do for a long time. After all, a fundamental part of both Dungeons & Dragons and Minecraft is the boundless possibility of a sandbox setting, and using the provided framework to create an adventure all of your own.

“Wizards of the Coast have been incredibly accommodating and flexible,” said Lenzi. “They said, ‘Imagine this is a playground’ — which is similar to what we do in Minecraft. Imagine this is a playground: As long as you don’t go around breaking toys, and injuring other kids or yourself, it’s fair game … They were not afraid of [our team] breaking D&D or anything like that. ‘If you break it, we will let you know. But you go ahead. Just don’t be afraid.’”

The new DLC will be available in the Minecraft Marketplace on Sept. 26.

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