The Future of Monster Hunter: Looking Ahead to the 20th Anniversary

As the development of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak wraps up, fans of the popular franchise have something else to look forward to. Capcom, the Japanese video game company behind Monster Hunter, is preparing for a significant milestone – the series’ 20th anniversary in March 2024. With this momentous occasion on the horizon, speculation is running wild about what surprises and announcements Capcom may have in store for its dedicated community.

To amp up the excitement, Capcom recently unveiled a piece of stunning anniversary artwork during its Tokyo Game Show 2023 online program. The artwork features a brand new hunter standing side by side with iconic characters from past entries in the series. Not only that, but Capcom also revealed a fresh new logo, further fueling anticipation among fans. The vibrant visuals are a clear indicator that something special is in the works for the 20th anniversary celebration.

Accompanying the anniversary artwork was a heartfelt message from the Monster Hunter team, expressed on a brand new website dedicated to the occasion. The team expressed their gratitude to the passionate community that has made the franchise a tremendous success over the past two decades. They acknowledged the support of players who have been there since the very first installment, where hunters could wield five different weapons and explore settlements like Kokoto and Minegarde.

Reflecting on the series’ evolution, the Monster Hunter team recognized the incredible journey that hunters have embarked on over the years. From scaling snowy mountains to exploring the depths of the deep sea floor, from delving into ancient ruins to uncovering uncharted continents, the Monster Hunter series has taken players on unforgettable adventures. The team expressed their overwhelming appreciation for the love and enthusiasm that fans have poured into the games, as well as the valuable feedback that has helped shape each new release.

One particular installment, Monster Hunter: World, struck a chord with players worldwide. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Monster Hunter team was touched by the outpouring of support and warm messages from fans across the globe. The team extended their gratitude to the community for their unwavering dedication to the series, acknowledging that it is the players who have made the franchise what it is today.

With two decades of success behind them, the Monster Hunter team is eager to build on this momentum. They promise bigger, better, and more thrilling hunting experiences that will both delight and surprise fans. There is an open invitation for all hunters, new and old, to join them on this next chapter of the Monster Hunter saga. The team’s enthusiasm for the future and their commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences are evident.

As fans eagerly await Monster Hunter’s 20th anniversary year, the question remains: what can they expect? While it is still too early to glean specific details, the mere mention of an anniversary celebration promises exciting announcements and surprises. Capcom has a history of delivering memorable experiences for its dedicated community, and it is safe to say that the 20th anniversary will be no exception. Whether it’s new monsters to hunt, innovative gameplay mechanics, or an expanded world to explore, the possibilities are endless.

The Monster Hunter series has not only captivated the gaming world but has also fostered a vibrant and passionate community. Whether players have been hunting monsters since the very beginning or are relatively new to the franchise, the 20th anniversary serves as a reminder of the shared experiences and camaraderie that the Monster Hunter community has built. It is an opportunity for long-time fans to reflect on their journey and for newcomers to join in on the excitement.

As the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter approaches, anticipation fills the air. Capcom’s dedication to the series and the overwhelming support from players worldwide are the driving forces behind the franchise’s success. With a new hunter, stunning artwork, and a heartfelt message, the stage is set for an unforgettable celebration. The future of Monster Hunter looks brighter than ever, promising even greater adventures and surprises for fans around the world. So, whether you’ve been slaying monsters for two decades or are just starting your journey, get ready to uncover what the 20th anniversary has in store – after all, the hunt is on!

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