Gorogoa is Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

Gorogoa is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Here are 6 reasons why you must play this amazing puzzle game right now.

A new day means a great set of new games on Xbox Game Pass. The world’s gaming-friendly subscription service continues to expand its reach by offering new titles everyday. From indie games to AAA titles, Xbox Game Pass has more than 150 games in its massive library. Alongside the critically acclaimed titles of Bethesda, there is a plethora of new games being added to the service on their launch day.

Gorogoa is on Xbox Game Pass

That being said, the subscribers also have the chance to play some of the best games of the last decade. There is no doubt that one of them is Gorogoa, a 2017 game developed by Jason Roberts and published by Annapurna Interactive.

Among the new games on Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, we can now experience this incredibly beautiful puzzle game created by Jason Roberts. Here are 6 reasons for you to jump into Gorogoa right now.

1. It was made by one person.

Jason Roberts is the mind behind this wonderful puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass. He left his full-time job to work on Gorogoa, which carries inspirations from his youth.

2. It offers a unique way of solving puzzles.

Gorogoa is a puzzle game that consists of four tiles. Players can change the location of the tiles to construct new scenes to solve the puzzles. The cards on the tiles are connected to each other, waiting to unravel a solution with a new scene.

3. It received Best Debut Game award BAFTA Awards 2018.

The game was one of the first published games of Annapurna Interactive and it also received the Best Debut Game award at BAFTA Awards in 2018. It also won Visual Design Award back in 2021 during IndieCade, Good Game Club top prize in 2013 and Excellence in Visual Art award in Independent Games Festival.

4. The development of the game took 6 years.

Jason Roberts started working on his project back in 2011. Even though he had been focusing on similar projects before that, the writing and designing started almost 10 years ago. The 2-hour puzzle game has years of work behind it, proving that it is a work of art and passion.

5. It consists of completely hand-drawn levels.

Roberts himself draw the levels of the game. He also added that he added to start again after his drawing skills got better. This resulted in him drawing some scenes from scratch to preserve the visual integrity of the game.

6. Joel Corelitz scored the OST of Gorogoa.

Joel Corelitz did an amazing job on scoring the soundtrack of this utterly beautiful game. The music of Gorogoa is unique, strange and also familiar. The music, like the tiles in the game, manipulates and delves into the unknown areas of your mind.

Corelitz also worked on Halo Infinite’s OST. Here’s a great one from the soundtrack of the game.

Gorogo is a special game that must be played by everyone. It is definitely one of the best puzzle games out there and it is now available on Xbox Game Pass as well.

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