Green Hell 2022 Roadmap: New Content and More

Green Hell 2022 roadmap shows that there will be lots of new content in the upcoming months. Here’s everything you need to know.

The survival genre is one of the most popular themes in the world of video games. That’s why indie developers go with creating survival games that unfortunately look and feel quite similar to each other. There is a ton of games that try to come up with their own challenges and features, but they fail at offering a unique experience.

Fortunately, we also have some great ones like Green Hell that does test our survival skills properly. Thanks to its solid crafting system and gameplay mechanics, playing Green Hell is quite challenging and a lot of fun. Fortunately, it seems like we will be having more of that in the future as the developer shared a roadmap for their great game.

The studio behind the game, Creepy Jar, revealed Green Hell 2022 roadmap to show what they are planning to add to their project. It seems like 2022 will be a great year for this open-world survival simulator.

Spirits of Amazonia Part 3

The successful title of the genre will be concluding the Spirits of Amazonia story with the final act. Even though we do not have exact release dates for the updates, we now know what to expect. Prepare for part 3 because the Spirits of Amazonia is getting an epic finale. We should note that the Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 of the Final Act will be free for the owners of the game. Meaning that you will not have to pay again to receive the update and witness the ending of the story.

Building System Update

Another great update is on its way. According to the details in the Green Hell 2022 roadmap, the game will now receive a lot more flexibility in the building system and allow players to place their buildings more easily. Now we know that the current system will be overhauled with the new content pack.

Players will now be able to cut a lot more trees and get more flexible when they are building and crafting. Unlike in the current version of the game, we will be able to cut thicker trees down as well. Another winner feature of this update will allow users to remove heavy obstacles like logs or stumps. The developers are planning to offer a lot less restrictive gameplay with the new improvements. Though the console owners will receive the updates a bit later. The new gameplay mechanics and the content pack will be implemented on the PC version first.

Animals and Farming

Green Hell will also be getting a new update focusing on animals. With the new mechanics, survivors will be able to catch and breed animals to produce resources. Keeping them in pens to harvest them later is some of the other duties we will be doing to increase our chances of survival. Like the other upcoming content on the list, we do not know the release date.

Green Hell 2022 Roadmap – Spirits of Amazonia on Xbox One

The most important note on the revealed roadmap is the Spirits of Amazonia series and its release date on Xbox One. According to the developers, the console edition of Green Hell will receive the storyline in 2022. Although the exact release date is still unknown, Xbox One owners will get to experience the story of the spirits on their consoles sometime this year. PlayStation version of the game will also get the storyline alongside Xbox One.

Here’s what to expect this year as the developers seem like they are committed to their project. That’s only natural though, as the game received positive feedback from the fans of the genre. People who are not into survival games also gave Green Hell a chance and they said that it was challenging but also player-friendly in most cases.

Green Hell combines solid gameplay with a great storyline. And that formula always results in a rewarding experience that yields positive reviews. That’s why the title has more than thirty thousand reviews on Steam, stating that the game is “Very Positive.”

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