How to Use Discord on Xbox One?

Discord is the most popular communication software among gamers. Discord was created for Pc and Mobile users. Xbox users want to use it to communicate with their friends while playing games. Unless there is an official Discord app for Xbox, there is a way of using Discord on your Xbox One.  That’s why we created this guide. We will explain How To Use Discord On Xbox One step by step.

How to use Discord on Xbox?

Microsoft is the most gamer-friendly company. They always listen to their customers. Also, they intend to solve customers’ problems. Their customers want to install Discord on their Xbox One. That’s why Microsoft made a collaboration with Discord in 2018.

Gamers have been seeing what their friends play since 2018 on the Discord app. While using the Discord app on Xbox One, they can join their friends’ online matches.  To use the Discord app’s features, you need to create a Discord account an Xbox Live account. After you create an account, you should link these accounts. You can download the Discord app with this link.

There are two possible options to link your Discord and Xbox One Account. You can do it with your Xbox or use your smartphone or PC.

To do it with your Xbox, you need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. After you press the Xbox Button on the main menu, you need to open Account Settings.
  2. Choose the Linked Social Accounts option.
  3. Select Link Discord account from the appeared menu.
  4. When you press link your Xbox One account, you will see your six-digit pin code. You need to write your six-character on the Discord app.

Alternatively, you can make this linking process via smartphone and PC. You need to follow the basic steps listed below.

Open your Discord app on your smartphone or PC. Go to User Settings and open the Connections tab.

You will see apps which is eligible to link with Discord. Press the Xbox icon.

When you press the Xbox icon, you need to log in to your Xbox Account to access the app.

Open sliders listed above your Xbox account icon.

Some gamers feel like they are monitored. Maybe they do not want to share their game journey with their friends. That’s why they want to unlink their Discord account on their Xbox One. To do that players follow two basic options.

First, they can use this Microsoft account settings official link. To remove the app on their Xbox Live Account. They need to find the Discord link. After that, they should press remove it and save changes.

Secondly, they can unlink the accounts using the Discord app.

  1. Open your Discord account on the Discord app.
  2. You need to open account settings
  3. Press on the Connections option
  4. Open Xbox Live Connection and click on the remove link button.
  5. Follow the prompts and confirm.

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That is it. I hope that you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions, you can type us in the comment section.

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