Is Days Gone coming to Xbox?

Will Days Gone come to Xbox One? Can you play the post-apocalyptic action-survival game Days Gone on Xbox?

Developed by Bend Studio, Days Gone is an action survival game that invites players two years after the global pandemic that turned people into zombies. Players assume the role of a former bike gang member called Deacon St. John as he goes on a quest of finding her wife.

The open-world survival game was released back on April 26, 2019, for PlayStation 4. Thanks to its great features like zombie hordes and several other aspects, Days Gone received positive reviews from the world of gaming. Even though its open world and other gameplay mechanics received praise, Days Gone was criticized for its questline and characters.

Bend Studio’s open-world survival horror also made its way to PC. It is one of the few PlayStation exclusives that were released to other platforms. After Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone became the second AAA title that can be played on PC as well.

That said, gamers are curious about the game’s availability on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Are Days Gone coming to Xbox?

Is ‘Days Gone’ game on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Days Gone is not available on Xbox. The game was released for PlayStation 4 only and it will not be coming to any other console anytime soon. Even though it made its way to PC back on May 18, 2021; we won’t probably get to experience it on our consoles.

How to play Days Gone on Xbox?

That being said, there is a way of playing Days Gone on Xbox. It is technically possible to play this PlayStation exclusive on Series X via Edge browser. The Verge’s Tom Warren used an app that allows users to play their games through browsers. With this streaming method, he was able to play Days Gone via the new Edge browser on Series X.

Thanks to third-party apps and streaming technologies, it is actually possible to experience exclusive games on other platforms. Though the experience won’t probably be that smooth as there are too many factors.

PlayStation Exclusives Are Coming to PC

PlayStation has announced that some of its biggest titles are coming to PC. After Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, the Uncharted franchise and God of War are also getting their PC versions. While Microsoft tries to offer almost every game on its services and remove restrictions, Sony is also trying to reach more gamers around the world. Even though they create massive budgets for their games, they are only able to reach PlayStation users.

That’s why the company is now building new bridges and opening its doors for other opportunities. With this aim in mind, Sony is planning to offer some of its most influential exclusive games to PC players. This ultimately means that every PlayStation game might be released on PC as well. So instead of being completely special to PS, it is now safe to say that some new titles are actually exclusive for a limited amount of time.

That being said, direct cooperation between Sony and Microsoft is of course very unlikely. We won’t get to play a PlayStation exclusive game on Xbox or vice-versa.

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