New Open-World Sandbox Fantasy MMORPPG Fractured Online Announced

Gamigo Group is pleased to announce its publishing deal with Dynamight Studios, for Fractured Online, its first dynamic, open-world MMORPG. This sandbox game is all about allowing players to be themselves through the unique character progression system.

Horizontal progression and player-built cities are just a few of the many things players can expect from gamigo’s next MMO. You can either do this metaphorically through the game’s player-driven economic system or by literally building cities on three different worlds across multiple continents. Fractured Online, a game where all creatures are prey to demons, can bring people together or destroy them.

“We wanted to offer something that was more powerful and flexible than the conventional RPG level and skills progression system,” says Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios. “In Fractured Online, we’re putting credence to the idiom ‘knowledge is power’ by introducing the Knowledge System. Our system rewards players that are courageous and clever, not for the hours they’ve spent hunting rats in a basement for some random farmers.”

Fractured Online
Fractured Online

3 Races in Fractured Online

Fractured Online has three races: Humans (wildfolk), Demons (demons). Each race has its own impact on the game mechanics. This includes how they interact with each other and what kind of society they can live in.

You can live in the peaceful Wildfolk Community where cooperation and defensive gameplay shine, or you can have free will while trying the rules of a feudal Society – such as not breaking the law and “killing other players” – as Human. Demons are for those who prefer blood and violence. Once they have chosen a race, players can start their quest to find out more.

Player-Driven Economy

If players don’t feel like they’re improving their skills, they can take part in Fractured Online’s strong player-driven economy. You won’t find a broadsword in the body of a spider. Each item in the game was crafted by players. Otherwise, you might end up fighting off enemies with a stick. The world is full of artisans, merchants and farmers.

Fractured Online also has combat as players will find it to an acceptable way to settle disputes. Combat is quick-paced because fighters learn to aim, dodge and master more than 400 abilities as well as 40 unique status effects. It is up to you whether your abilities can be used against different monsters in PvE combat or against fellow players in PvP fighting.

“Our team is really proud to be the new publisher of ‘Fractured Online’ as we see huge potential in the game,” says Andreas Weidenhaupt, COO at gaming group. “We have been following Dynamight closely since their successful Kickstarter campaign and are now looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

About Dynamight Studios

Dynamight Studios, an independent videogame development company, is based in Milan. Their mission is to invent Sandbox MMOs and open it up to new audiences. We believe thwis is the best online game genre, with incredible growth prospects.

They currently have 8 full-time employees (and full time geeks) and 2 independent contractors, who are all focused on Fractured, their flagship product.

Fracture Online Gameplay
Fracture Online Gameplay

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