Can You Play and Sail Sea of Thieves as Solo?

Can you play Sea of Thieves solo? How hard is it to play the game single-player?

Sea of Thieves is probably the best open-world pirate game that we have ever seen. The game offers a massive world where players get to set sail and uncover the mysteries of the ocean. From treasures to ancient evils, Sea of Thieves is the perfect title for those who want to experience a pirate’s life. Looting treasures, plundering islands, and battling against other players are only some of the things you can do in this amazing multiplayer open-world title. It is also great for people who enjoy playing games with their friends. As the game allows and actually encourages people to play together, there is nothing you can not do after forming a crew and sailing to the ocean.

On the other hand, you might want to jump into the game and live the pirate’s life as a solo player. Can you play Sea of Thieves solo, though? How difficult would it be to set sail by yourself and unravel the mysteries of the pirate world?

Sea of Thieves Solo Gameplay

Living the pirate life all by your lonesome can be a rewarding experience. Yes, you can play Sea of Thieves as a single player, but note that the game offers the best experience when played with other gamers. Meaning that if you want to set sail by yourself, it will be a lot difficult and definitely more dangerous.

Sailing on the open sea without a crew means that you are tasked with everything on the ship. You need to be smaller and faster than your enemies to make up for the absence of your crewmates. Instead of facing the enemy galleons upfront, you might want to sneak past them in order to stay on the water. Here are some other tips that might aid you in your solo adventures.

Always check your ship for leaks

Since you do not have any other crewmates to check the leaks, you need to make sure that your ship has full integrity. Especially before quitting the game, check your ship and ensure that there are no leaks.

Prefer shorter trips and voyages

Trips that can be completed in a shorter amount of time will be a lot safer for you. As you gain progress and learn the game as a solo player, you might extend the length of your voyages gradually. But initially, prefer shorter voyages.

Be prepared for a getaway

Keep an eye out for storms or other events to use them for your advantage. If you see enemy ships on the horizon, make sure that you are always ready for a getaway. You can also use the alliance flag to let other players know that you mean no harm. Nevertheless, always be prepared for a getaway.

You need to be a jack of all trades

The absence of a crew means that you need to be the person behind the wheel, the map, and the sails. You are responsible for everything. Learn everything about commanding a ship so that you can do everything by yourself.

Be fast, always

As a lone sailor, you need to be a lot faster than the other ships. Other players might outnumber you, but it does not mean that they are superior. Being alone gives you to chance to be stealthier, so use that to your advantage.

Set the wheel straight, focus on other tasks

Note that you don’t have to stay behind the wheel always. If you set it straight and ensure that you are in the right direction, you can focus on other tasks on your ship. Don’t forget that you might steer in the wrong direction at first. It is not a problem though, as sailing is a lot of fun even though you are alone.

Here are some tips for aspiring pirates who want to play Sea of Thieves solo.

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