Crystal Guard Gets New Maps to Rainbow Six Siege on September

With the launch of Season 3, Crystal Guard on Xbox Series consoles, Rainbow Six Siege has never been more exciting. Crystal Guard, like previous seasons, introduces a new Operator: Osa, an attacker who wields the Talon-8 Shield. This shield is not your ordinary shield.

The Talon-8 protects Osa’s head while she carries it, unlike other Defenders’ deployable shields. But, the most important feature is that it has a bulletproof, transparent section that allows Osa to see potential enemies and threats, giving her tactical options. Osa can also choose between a 556xi and a PDW9 primary weapon, as well as a PMM secondary weapon.

Crystal Guard features reworked map designs. Clubhouse, Bank, Coastline, and Bank have all been modified and changed. These modifications range from closing windows and adding new alleyways to more destructive parts and placing bomb sites closer together. Apart from general updates and improvements, many Operators have received tweaks to improve their balance. These include Finka, Sledge, and Gaz as well as Twitch and UQ. Mute and Fuze. All players can get these updates for free.

What’s about Crystal Guard?

Synopsis: “Crystal Guard is Rainbow Six Siege’s third season of Year 6. We’re proud to introduce Osa, a Croatian engineering prodigy who brings Nighthaven her expertise and unapologetic passion for the ’60s sci-fi movies. This season features a plethora o of updates, including changes to Operator armor, DBNO scoring, as well as balancing Twitch, IQ, and Mute. There is now a way for players to personalize Elite Uniforms.”

Season 3 players will also have the opportunity to access a Premium track for 1,200 R6 credits, and a 100-tier Battle Pass. This Battle Pass includes 133 rewards, and it will be available until November 23th, 2021. Osa will be immediately available to Premium Battle Pass players, but will also be available to all players via Renown and R6 Credits starting September 21.

Rainbow Six Siege will be available for free on Xbox Series consoles between September 9 and September 12. It can also be purchased at a discounted price of up to 80%. Your progress from the free weekend will carry over to the full retail version. Rainbow Six Siege can also be played with Xbox Game Pass.

You can also watch the trailer below!

What’s about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege?

You can enjoy explosive 5v5 gameplay and high-stakes competition, as well as thrilling PvP, matches solo or with your friends. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege offers endless opportunities to improve your strategy and lead your team to victory. This game can be played on Xbox Series X at up to 4K and 120 frames per second. Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy is always evolving. Every season introduces new content, game-changing operators, abilities, in-game events, and weapons, as well as maps.

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