A New Journey Begins: Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Release Date Announced

In exciting news for fans of the popular Like A Dragon series (formerly known as the Yakuza series), Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have officially announced the release date for the highly anticipated next game in the franchise, titled Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Set to launch on the 26th of January 2024, this latest installment will be available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The announcement took place during the RGG Summit Fall 2023, where Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio also treated fans to a brand new trailer showcasing captivating gameplay and an intriguing storyline.

The new trailer introduces players to Kasuga Ichiban, the main character of Infinite Wealth. Kasuga finds himself on a journey to locate his long-thought-dead mother and unexpectedly ends up in the sunny paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. However, his search is swiftly disrupted by a complex web of criminal conspiracies and melodrama back in his hometown of Tokyo and Yokohama. Ichiban’s rollercoaster adventure unfolds as he gets entangled with the local Chinese mafia, the Barracudas, and encounters the yakuza. Additionally, a mysterious wellness cult appears to be connected to the unfolding events.

During his misadventures, Ichiban finds himself encountering the original protagonist of the series, Kazuma Kiryu. In a surprising twist, both Kasuga Ichiban and Kiryu share the spotlight as dual protagonists in Infinite Wealth. Together, they will face the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead, all while embarking on a profound and life-altering journey.

Fans will be delighted to learn that beloved characters from Yakuza: Like A Dragon will join Ichiban in Hawaii. The comradery and friendship that were central to the previous game will play a significant role in Infinite Wealth. However, the trailer also reveals a heartbreaking revelation: Kiryu is battling a terminal illness. The emotional impact of this revelation adds a somber tone to the storyline, as Kiryu comes to terms with his own mortality. A cast interview following the reveal sheds light on actor Takaya Kuroda’s own struggles with illness and how he channeled his personal experiences into his portrayal of the character.

Beyond the intense storyline, Infinite Wealth offers players a wide array of exciting activities and mini-games. The trailer provides glimpses of surfboarding, karaoke, paragliding, and fun-filled brawls, including a battle against a giant shark and octopus. Players can also look forward to engaging in activities such as Segway riding, Crazy Delivery (a Crazy Taxi-style bicycle delivery service), and retro Sega games like Sega Bass Fishing and SpikeOut. The world of Infinite Wealth boasts dynamic weather, offering a unique and immersive gaming experience.

The turn-based combat system, introduced in Yakuza: Like A Dragon (also known as Yakuza 7), returns in Infinite Wealth with exciting new additions and tweaks. Players now have the freedom of movement during battles, and Kiryu himself has the ability to engage in real-time combat. Furthermore, the class system, represented by various jobs, offers new and diverse abilities and costumes. From the pyrodancer to the housekeeper and action star, players will have the opportunity to explore a range of unique playstyles.

Fans of Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be thrilled to learn that the popular Poundmates summoning service is making a comeback in Infinite Wealth. This feature allows players to summon various characters to assist them in battles. The new game mode, Sujimon, adds an exciting twist. Sujimon enables players to collect defeated enemies, similar to the concept of Pokemon, and pit them against other characters in thrilling battles.

The RGG Summit unveiled more exciting news for fans. The English version of the game will feature the legendary actor Danny Trejo as the English voice of Dwight, the leader of the Barracudas. Additionally, Daniel Dae Kim will portray Yakuza leader Masataka Eniba. The studio also shared the opening movie for Like A Dragon: Gaiden – The Man Who Erased His Name. The movie features an original track composed by Japanese alternative musician Yojiro Noda, with rapper J.I.D. making a special appearance. Lastly, players will have the opportunity to experience a trial version of Infinite Wealth, as it will be included with the release of Like A Dragon: Gaiden – The Man Who Erased His Name.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth promises an electrifying and emotional gaming experience for fans of the series. With its rich storyline, thrilling gameplay, and enhanced features, the game guarantees to captivate players and leave a lasting impact. Mark your calendars for the 26th of January 2024, as a new journey in the Like A Dragon series begins with Infinite Wealth. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with camaraderie, intense battles, and the discovery of the true value of wealth.

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