YouTube Celebrates the Minecraft Community for Passed 1 Trillion Views

If you’ve already can’t see the notice on YouTube‘s homepage, Minecraft just passed 1 trillion views on the website. This is true because Minecraft is also the most popular video game ever and the innovative Sandbox survival game has hit yet another threshold. This week, Mojang Studios and YouTube have become together to reveal it is Minecraft has become the only game on the video to surpass 1 trillion views together.

YouTube is celebrating Minecraft today however, it’s not due to the fact that creepers have smashed into the screens. This is only one aspect. Now, the whole game community also celebrating Minecraft content that has reached 1.06 trillion views on YouTube. That’s really awesome and it’s not easy to reach that level. Now there are more than 35,000 well-established creators from 150 nations and territories.

However, Minecraft Live 2021 Mojang Studios took the opportunity to show how Minecraft continues to expand in size and popularity as time passes, with more than 140 million active users per month recorded in August. 2021.

All of them have contributed to the continued success of Minecraft as the most-watched video game on YouTube for a long time. Let’s see what YouTube, as well as Mojang Studios, are celebrating Minecraft reaching which also features:

A Minecraft-themed makeover for YouTube:

Over the course of 24 hours, YouTube’s YouTube website will be decorated with a brand new logo that celebrates Minecraft and its creators it.

YouTube Culture & Trends website is now offering an exclusive Minecraft landing page. users can browse Minecraft’s numerous statistics and metrics over time for creators and videos, and topical trends. This landing page has editorials that examine Minecraft along with YouTube creators’ impact in the global.

The YouTube Creator Skin Pack:

It is available for free on Minecraft Marketplace for one year. Minecraft Marketplace for one year The YouTube Creator Skin package includes Minecraft skins as well as Character Creator items that were inspired by the work of many of Minecraft’s top YouTube creators.

Community celebrations and playlists curated by the community:

YouTube has announced the curated playlists which highlight popular Minecraft videos from the years and include the most successful creators as well as the most-watched videos. Also, there’s a brand-new animated video that features several of the same creators. Also, YouTube Minecraft creators are taking over the official YouTube Instagram account for each day to share their top Minecraft moments.

Minecraft is one of the greatest games of all time, as made clear by how many continue to show considerable amounts of interest in this long-running legendary video game. In 2021, Minecraft amassed hundreds of billions of views to cross that one trillion view milestone, and it’s earning more all the time. Minecraft is one of the best Xbox games you can play right now, but it’s also a lot of fun just watching what other people can do with it.

You can watch the video below!

YouTube also thankful the following names: Aphmau, BriannaPlayz, CaptainSparklez, Chandler Hallow, Chris Tyson, DanTDM, Dream, Element Animation, Felipe Neto, Fuze III, GeorgeNotFound, GermanLetsPlay, Grian, JeromeASF, Julia MineGirl, Karl Jacobs, LazarBeam, Logdotzip, Maizen, Mikecrack, MrBeast, Mumbo Jumbo, Noxcrew, PewDiePie, Plech, PrestonPlayz, 잠뜰, Spark Universe, stampylonghead, Techno Gamerz, Teweran, Tex HS, TryHardNinja, VEGETTA777

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