Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks About Netflix Games

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about Netflix Games. Spencer says that the streaming giant is making a smart move.

In a recent interview, Phil Spencer states his opinions about the streaming giant’s decision to step into the world of gaming. Recently, Netflix started to offer mobile games on its service and also acquired a couple of gaming studios like Night School Studio, the developer of OxenfreeNext Stop Nowhere, and Afterparty.

The global streaming platform aims to expand its reach in the world of video games. As Phil Spencer says, video games are trendsetters; which is why Netflix is slowly leaning into the concept of offering games in its library as well. Now, anyone with a Netflix subscription is able to play mobile games without being charged extra. While the games on Netflix are not massive AAA titles, Netflix is doing the right thing by taking small steps, Spencer says.

“I believe it is smart what Netflix is doing. They are acquiring new studios and learning the effects of interactive entertainment. Video games are trendsetters for most companies, so it is a quite smart move for Netflix to get into this area.”

Netflix Games

That being said, Netflix is not planning to become a direct opponent to Xbox or any other gaming giant. The current plan seems like they want to offer games embracing the theme of their Netflix Original shows.

For example, there are two games based on the smash-hit TV series of Netflix that you can play right now. Alongside Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game, you can also play some of the games below on your phone.

  • Asphalt Xtreme
  • Card Blast
  • Domnoies Cafe
  • Bowling Ballers
  • Knittens
  • Wonderputt Forever
  • Teeter (Up)
  • Shooting Hoops

The streaming giant had fewer games on its library at launch. With the addition of new titles, it seems like they are going to expand their games library as well.

They Have A Huge Potential

Spencer also says that the current potential of the streaming giant is huge. Thanks to their cloud technologies, Netflix can offer a wide variety of examples in interactive entertainment. Though when these two giants are compared, it goes without saying that Xbox has 20 years of experience behind its brand while Netflix is still in its early stages.

That’s why it is important for the platform to take small steps. Buying small studios and testing their capabilities will prove advantageous in the long run.

On the other hand, Netflix has a lot on its plate when it comes to releasing original shows based on video games. The Witcher season 2 has recently dropped while many other adaptations are still in the works. From Cyberpunk 2077 to Assassin’s Creed, it is safe to say that the global streaming giant has been making plans for the world of gaming for a long time.

By offering small games and acquiring new studios, Netflix is becoming a part of this world as well. Even though the business model is quite different than Xbox, Phil Spencer praised the recent plans regarding Netflix Games during an interview.

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