All Lies or Truth choices in Lies of P

Lies of P requires you to make Lie or Truth choices over the course of your playthrough. These instances might seem innocuous at first, but they’ll become crucial as you progress further in the campaign, going so far as affecting which Lies of P ending that you’ll get, as well as one particular secret item.

Our Lies of P Lie or Truth decisions guide discusses all of these moments. We also talk about the tasks that are undertaken prior to reaching these segments. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.

What do Lie or Truth decisions change in Lies of P?

A character named Polendina tells the player that puppets can’t lie.

Puppets can’t lie, but P is quite special.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

The Lie or Truth decisions in Lies of P may affect the following:

  • Endings: The game has three endings. One is available by default, but the other two are unlocked if you’ve mostly chosen lies or truths, along with certain key decisions made during the finale. We’ve been told that a “lies only” or “truths only” playthrough isn’t necessarily required to get the respective ‘Rise of P’ or ‘Free from a Puppet String’ endings. Essentially, the goal is to have the vast majority of your decisions as either lies or truths, though it’s certainly easier to stick to one particular type of response so as not to mess up your choices. Your answers will then show a notification whereby P feels something regarding his springs, gears, ergo, and/or warmth.
  • Golden Lie secret weapon: This item is obtained from the Portrait of a Boy. Once displayed in Hotel Krat, you’ll notice that a branch with leaves will start growing. During a particular post-campaign stage (not New Game Plus), you can acquire this weapon if you’ve lied often during your playthrough, and after you’ve played all the records that you’ve picked up so far.
  • Records: Certain records will be rewarded depending on how you answer some characters.

Our Lies of P Lie or Truth decisions guide lists these instances in the order that we encountered them during the campaign. Lastly, as of the time of this writing, we’re unable to confirm if your answers for the Trinity Key Riddles affect this mechanic as well.

In chronological order, here is every Lie or Truth you can make throughout Lies of P:

Woman in the Window (Elysion Boulevard)

A silhouetted woman asks the player if her baby is adorable

The silhouetted woman asks you if her baby is adorable.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Elysion Boulevard – You’ll see the silhouette of a woman in an apartment window just before the bridge that leads to Krat City Hall. Agree to find her baby, then bring her the Broken Baby Puppet in the garden just before the Scrapped Watchman boss arena.

Question: Isn’t my baby adorable?

  • Lie: That’s a cute baby.
  • Truth: That’s just a puppet.

Alidoro (St. Frangelico Chapel Library)

A fox character asks the player about a safe area.

Alidoro, the boss items vendor, will ask if you know of a safe area.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: St. Frangelico Chapel Library – You’ll find Alidoro once you ride the elevator past the crypts in the library area. He’ll later act as the vendor that gives you weapons and amulets in exchange for boss items.

Question: Do you know of such a place [that is safe]?

  • Lie: Venigni Works
  • Truth: Hotel Krat

Julian the Gentleman (Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert)

A gentleman wearing a suit and a top hat asks a player about love.

Gentleman Julian wants to know if love can bloom between a human and a puppet.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert – He’s right next to the fast travel point. He wants you to retrieve an item from his deceased wife. You’ll find Julian’s wife, a woman wearing a black dress, in a street corner once you get past the sewer tunnels. Pick up the wedding ring and return it to Julian.

Question: Whoever heard of a human and a puppet falling in love?

  • Lie: I saw the message she left saying she loves you.
  • Truth: I’ve never seen that happen before.

Lady Antonia (Hotel Krat)

The player is speaking to a woman who asks if she still has a flicker of her beauty.

Lady Antonia wants to know if she’s still pretty.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat – A cutscene will play once you approach Antonia in Hotel Krat after defeating the King of Puppets boss in the Opera House.

Question: Do I still have a flicker of the beauty captured in that portrait?

  • Lie: Of course.
  • Truth: There is nothing left.

Polendina (Hotel Krat)

A character named Polendina talks to the player.

Polendina also wants to know if a human and a puppet can fall in love.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat – After talking to Antonia, you’ll notice that Polendina has left the front desk. Head to the garden that leads to city hall and you’ll find him next to the fountain.

Question: Have you ever met a puppet who loves a human?

  • Lie: There’s no such puppet.
  • Truth (Option 1): I have.
  • Truth (Option 2): Show the Wedding Ring – This answer will only become available if you completed Julian the Gentleman’s task (see earlier on this page).

Simon Manus (Grand Exhibition)

A man on a balcony asks the player about a cure.

Simon Manus appears after you beat Champion Victor.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Grand Exhibition – A short cutscene will play after you defeat a boss named Champion Victor. Simon Manus, along with his devout zealot, Laxasia, will appear.

Question: What do you suppose our cure has created here?

  • Lie: Monsters.
  • Truth: Hope for a cure.

Eugenie and Alidoro, Part 1 (Hotel Krat and Barren Swamp)

A player receives the Four-fingered Gloves from a woman.

You’ll receive the Four-fingered Gloves from Eugenie.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat and Barren Swamp – Talk to Eugenie just before heading to the Barren Swamp and she’ll give you the Four-finger Glove that she made for Alidoro. Upon reaching the Barren Swamp, you’ll circle around the initial area and eventually meet up with Alidoro once more. Upon giving him the gloves, he’ll scoff at their poor quality.

Question: Did the gloves make Alidoro happy?

  • Lie: He was happy.
  • Truth: He was angry. He said the gloves were rubbish.

Belle (Hotel Krat and Ruined Krat Station)

The player is talking to a blonde-haired woman.

Belle will ask you about what happened to her partner.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat and Ruined Krat Station – For this, you need to meet Belle in Grand Exhibition (she’s in a small nook on the second floor off to the side of the metal railings). She’ll then go to Hotel Krat. Later, once the secret passageway to the Relic of Trismegistus has been unlocked, Belle will ask for your help. You’ll have to find her friend, who’s inside a green train carriage in Krat Central Station. After meeting her friend, return to her for this particular Lies of P Lie or Truth decision.

Question: Is my partner safe?

  • Lie: He was killed in action fighting a puppet.
  • Truth: He became a monster.

Eugenie and Alidoro, Part 2 (Hotel Krat and Relic of Trismegistus)

A fox character admits to being an impostor.

Alidoro will admit that he’s an impostor and a murderer.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat and Relic of Trismegistus – This requires you to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2.0 encounter in the Relic of Trismegistus. Head past the tunnel and talk to Alidoro, who’ll admit that he’s just an impostor and he killed the real treasure hunter. You also have an opportunity to slay him. Regardless of your decision, you’ll want to talk to Eugenie in Hotel Krat.

Question: I wonder what the real Alidoro was like?

  • Lie: I think he’s just a talented Stalker.
  • Truth (Option 1): The real Alidoro was murdered by the fake one.
  • Truth (Option 2): He was Eugenie’s older brother – This choice becomes available if you killed Alidoro and picked up his Cryptic Vessel. Venigni will then need to decipher it, and you have to read all its pages before talking to Eugenie.

Venigni (Hotel Krat and Relic of Trismegistus)

The player speaks to a man wearing a red coat, while the name Geppetto appears on the screen.

You’ll see a transmission where the King of Puppets repeatedly mentions Geppetto.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Hotel Krat and Relic of Trismegistus – Once you’ve cleared the Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2.0 encounter, return to Hotel Krat and talk to Venigni. You’ll then hear a message repeatedly saying the name of Geppetto.

Question: What or who was behind the puppet frenzy?

  • Lie: I couldn’t hear.
  • Truth: Geppetto caused the puppet frenzy.

Arlecchino (Relic of Trismegistus and Arche Abbey Outer Wall)

The player wields a giant sledgehammer, with a chained puppet behind them.

Arlecchino has been contacting you even though he’s in chains.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Relic of Trismegistus and Arche Abbey Outer Wall – In the Relic of Trismegistus, you’ll see a payphone. Answer the riddle by saying that you’re not a killer. This rewards you with the King of Riddles’ Surprise Box. Open it to receive the Chosen One’s Trinity Key (you’ll get inflicted with the decay debuff that can be cured). Continue the campaign until you reach the Arche Abbey. In the lower portion of the tower interior, you’ll be able to unlock the Chosen One’s Trinity Key door. Inside, you’ll find Arlecchino in chains.

Question: Are you a puppet or a human being? Which one are you?

  • Lie: Human.
  • Truth: Puppet.

Sophia (Ascension Bridge)

A woman wearing a white blouse has a blue substance pouring out of her chest.

By the time you see the real Sophia, you’ll realize that she doesn’t have a lot of time left.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Ascension Bridge – Defeat Laxasia the Complete and enter the next room to find Sophia’s real form.

Dilemma: This is your choice to make [regarding Sophia’s fate].

  • Lie: Give her peace.
  • Truth: Let her live.

Geppetto (Arche Abbey Upper Part)

A sledgehammer-wielding player talks to an old man named Geppetto.

Geppetto wants to know if he’ll receive any Father of the Year awards.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Arche Abbey Upper Part (Internal Bridge) – Continue onward until you meet Geppetto in his cell.

Question: Was I a trustworthy father to you?

Simon Manus (Cradle of the Gods)

The player is talking to a mutated creature.

Simon Manus is curious about what happened to Sophia.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

  • Location: Cradle of the Gods – After defeating Simon Manus in battle, he’ll ask you about Sophia’s fate.
  • Question: What have you done to Sophia?

This particular Lies of P Lie or Truth decision is somewhat tricky due to how it’s framed. Basically, it all depends on the choice that you made when you saw Sophia’s real form. A truthful answer, therefore, means either of the following:

  • I gave her peace – If you did select this type of response when you talked to Sophia.
  • I liberated her from Arche Abbey – If you chose to let her live.

A lie, naturally, means responding with the opposite of what you did earlier. For instance, if you actually gave Sophia peace, you can tell Simon Manus that you liberated her from Arche Abbey.

In any case, these are the Lies of P Lie or Truth decisions that you can make during your playthrough.

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