Rocket League Season 10 launches March 10 – adds game mode wait timer and other limited-time features

Rocket League season 10 is coming out on March 8, bringing the Volkswagen Golf II GTI to the game alongside a selection of new in-game changes.

Perhaps the most useful of new additions is an average wait time counter — which lets be honest doesn’t sound very exciting. However, it’ll give players a good idea of just how populated certain game modes are, which will save time otherwise wasted. That time can be spent in the lab, practising air control, something scrubs like me should take advantage of.

Watch the new gameplay trailer for season 10 here!

That new car, the Volkswagen Golf II GTI, will be available in the seasonal pass. Alongside it is a variety of cosmetics and other rewards that’ll fit into the theme of the season. Owners of the premium pass will be able to get their hands on an upgraded version of the car: the Volkswagen GTI RLE.

In addition, there’s a new arena variant with Deadeye Canyon, a new in-game event which has yet to be revealed, and new seasonal awards for players looking to grind out competitive. Those who did well in season 9 should expect their well-earned prize shortly.

Back on that average wait timer, it will display roughly how long it will take to find a match for different game modes by analysing the playerp population of said mode. Good means you may have to wait a small while, while amazing means you can expect o find a match in no time at all.

Rocket League season 10 is set to go live at 8AM PST / 11AM EST / 4PM GMT / 5PM CEST.

Are you excited for the season? Let us know below!

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