The Chaotic and Promising Void Crew

Astrophysics enthusiasts are in for a treat with the newly launched Early Access build of Void Crew from Hutlihut Games and Focus Home. This space-themed game falls under the genre of “team up to complete some big unwieldy task with multiple moving parts” games. While it may not have reached the heights of acclaimed titles like Overcooked or plunged to the depths of Barotrauma, Void Crew offers a curious blend of jolly party game elements and macabre theocracy work simulator. With its stunning ship designs and entertaining gameplay, Void Crew shows potential to capture the attention of space game enthusiasts.

Void Crew immerses players in a war between genetically engineered and vat-spawned disciples of a religious human civilization and alien invaders known as the Hollow. As part of a team of 2-4 players, you embark on missions aboard a mesmerizing frigate or destroyer. These missions involve completing various objectives such as reactivating a radio outpost or aiding marooned freighters. However, your progress is hindered by relentless waves of smaller fighters and formidable Hollow ships armed with sniper beams and ice rays.

While a mission in Void Crew is theoretically organized and divided among team members, chaos often takes hold during gameplay. Assigning roles and responsibilities becomes a formidable challenge as players struggle to agree on who should lead the team as the captain. Disagreements intensify until one player takes matters into their own hands and jumps to hyperspace without giving others a chance to secure themselves. This reckless act results in the obliteration of the entire team due to inertial forces. The chaotic nature of Void Crew becomes evident when players respawn, depleting the ship’s biomass reservoir, and immediately engage in heated debates over turret duty.

Despite its chaotic gameplay, Void Crew exhibits potential to become one of the top space games. The developers have outlined an exciting roadmap for the Early Access build, including the addition of boss battles. Imagining the exhilaration of facing powerful foes and the satisfaction of emerging victorious adds to the game’s allure. Moreover, the prospect of player versus player (PvP) or even player versus player versus environment (PvPvE) encounters on the game’s intricate and visually captivating maps presents exciting possibilities.

To truly ascend to the ranks of the best space games, Void Crew needs an extra element to captivate players. Implementing thrilling moments akin to luring pursuers into dangerous territory, as seen in Sea of Thieves, would elevate the gaming experience. Picture navigating the treacherous space storms or strategically using the environment to outsmart opponents. These electrifying experiences would undoubtedly draw players in and ensure hours of captivating gameplay.

Alternatives for Solo Players

For those seeking a similar experience to Void Crew but lack cooperative friends, consider exploring Voidtrain. This game, as described by Rachel, presents a “totally wild twist on crafting survival games.” Embrace the challenge of surviving in an unpredictable and immersive environment that promises excitement and unique gameplay mechanics.

Void Crew may still have some kinks to work out, but it holds promise in the realm of space games. The chaotic yet entertaining gameplay, accompanied by a visually striking universe, keeps players engaged. With the addition of boss battles and the potential for PvPvE encounters, Void Crew has the opportunity to rise among the best space games. Brace yourself for the untamed thrill of interstellar warfare and embark on an adventure that will leave you captivated for hours on end.

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