The Exciting World of Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Last night, Sega’s Like A Dragon Direct took place and it was a thrilling event for Yakuza fans. As a UK netizen, I woke up this morning to an abundance of exciting Yakuza news. The upcoming release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth on January 24th is already creating a buzz, especially since it will transport Ichiban and his crew to the picturesque island of Hawaii. This time, Kiryu, the beloved protagonist, will face his biggest enemy yet. The excitement doesn’t stop there – players can also indulge in unconventional activities like becoming an unhinged Pokémon master. Sega is definitely making a grand return to the Yakuza universe.

One of the highlights of the LAD Direct was a ten-minute story trailer that revealed a plethora of new information. While it provided a deeper insight into the game’s narrative, it left fans pondering the meaning behind the title, “Infinite Wealth.” Perhaps it is a metaphorical concept that extends beyond material possessions. In a surprising twist, we discover that Ichiban’s journey to Hawaii is motivated by his search for his mother. Could the true wealth he seeks be found in the loving embrace of a mother? This would align perfectly with the Yakuza theme. However, the news of his mother’s whereabouts is delivered by an old nemesis, raising suspicions about the veracity of the information. Additionally, the trailer introduced a heartbreaking revelation – Kiryu is battling cancer. As we embark on a quest to find Ichiban’s mother and navigate the ensuing inter-clan warfare, we may also witness the culmination of Kiryu’s story. The appearance of Daigo, Saejima, and Majima, who are legendary figures in the Yakuza universe, adds to the anticipation. It seems that the game will expertly intertwine the new chapter of Ichiban with the beloved legacy of Kiryu.

The gameplay reveal trailer maintains the momentum, showcasing a wide array of exciting features. The turn-based combat system returns, but with a twist – players now have the freedom to move their characters during their turns for strategic advantages. This adds a layer of complexity and dynamism to the battles. Furthermore, players can embark on tours of Hawaii to learn new jobs or classes, such as a samurai, cowboy, pyrodancer, or even a housekeeper armed with a powerful hoover. The possibilities are truly endless!

The trailer also showcased some eccentric activities. One scene depicts Ichiban feeding a chicken a watermelon, which undoubtedly strengthens their bond. Additionally, players can experience the thrill of being a Deliveroo cyclist in a Yakuza universe version of Crazy Taxi. However, the most intriguing addition is the ability to recruit enemies, level them up, and pit them against other trainers with a similar mindset. This innovative feature opens up new possibilities for strategic gameplay and team-building. Although the game is yet to be released, Sega’s commitment to preserving the franchise’s rich history and infusing it with laughter is apparent. It’s reassuring to know that Yakuza will continue to be a source of entertainment and delight for fans.

The Like A Dragon Direct provided an exciting glimpse into the world of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Sega has once again demonstrated their ability to captivate and surprise players with their extraordinary storytelling and gameplay mechanics. The anticipation for the release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth on January 24th is palpable. With its stunning setting in Hawaii, the emotional journeys of Ichiban and Kiryu, and the addition of innovative gameplay features, Yakuza fans have every reason to be eagerly awaiting this next chapter in the franchise. As we delve into the realms of infinite wealth and explore the vibrant Yakuza universe, one thing is for certain – Sega and the creators at RGG Studio have no intention of ever changing their winning formula.

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