Should You Need to Update GTA 5 Game?

Rockstar Games released GTA V in 2013. The game has many fans who have played the game since 2013. It’s been almost 10 years since GTA 5 and still played by so many game players. A few months ago, the Rockstar Games studio released an update for the GTA V. When some Xbox players saw the new update, they were disappointed. Because this update means we cannot see GTA 6 in the short run.

Also, the majority of Xbox players are happy about this GTA V update. Because they liked to play GTA 5. However, they wonder that should update GTA 5.

Should to Update GTA 5?

Rockstar Games released GTA V for the Xbox 365 console. To be compatible with the Xbox 365, GTA V needed to use low computation power. That’s why while Rockstar games were making the game, they used low-quality graphics. Right now, when we compared GTA V with next-gen games, it looks terrible. That’s why People started complaining about this situation on the Xbox forums. To deal with the problem, Rockstar games released an update for the GTA V. You can see how Los Santos city’s new look is below.

Performance and Visuals

When we compare the regular GTA 5 with the next-gen GTA 5, we can easily say that the biggest difference between the GTA V and GTA 5 visuals and performance. The game performance was beyond our expectations. While we were playing GTA 5 on Xbox Series X, We got 60 FPS on an upscaled 4k screen.

gta v update


If you like the shiny graphics, you must consider buying an upgrade for GTA 5. With the new update, Rockstar games improved the graphic. In particular, they worked on three main characters (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.) Their appearance is considerably sharper and more detailed than before. Also, Rockstar games improved game lighting. We cannot see lightning bugs anymore.

Is GTA 5 PS5 upgrade free?

Online Mode

GTA V’s next-gen update comes with unique features. Players can transfer their play data from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and S. This feature made happy Xbox players. Because Xbox players did not want to lose their saves on their Xbox One. Xbox players who started to game from the scratch can use a one-time career builder. With the career builder package, players can use free $4 million credit to get a business up and running.

gta v update

Loading Times

Nobody likes to wait for the game’s loading screen. When we wanted to play GTA 5 on our old Xbox One, we needed to wait more than 10 minutes to play the game. Xbox Series X and S owners will not wait for loading screens anymore. Rockstar games solved this problem with the new update.

gta v update
GTA V Loading Screen

GTA V is played thousand hours. However, players still found new things in the game. This game is massive. If Rockstar Games was released GTA 6 as they promised, I will say that you should not buy a GTA V update. However, they did not release it. That’s why if you like to play GTA V, you should consider buying the update. It will improve your game experience.

What do you think about the GTA V update? Do you consider updating GTA V. You can share your thoughts in the comment section?

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